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Why we do it

For generations, local authorities have relied on being able to bury household waste in the ground.  This was seen as a simple, cost-effective and hygienic solution to the challenge of managing our waste.

Our reliance on landfill must finally come to an end.

There are two reasons why our reliance on landfill must finally come to an end:

  1. Firstly, there are the environmental implications of continuing to send our waste to landfill .  As organic matter (such as food, garden waste, paper and card) breaks down, it produces damaging greenhouse gases such as methane, which contribute more towards global warming than vehicle emissions.  In addition, using recycled materials to manufacture new items consumes less energy than using raw materials. So, by recycling you are helping to preserve natural resources and protect the environment for yourself and for future generations.
  2. As if that wasn’t reason enough, then there’s the financial and legislative incentives to bury less of our rubbish in the ground, as various national and European policies combine to make landfill an increasingly costly option for council tax payers.