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Joint Waste Committee

Overseeing the work of the South London Waste Partnership is a formally constituted Joint Waste Committee made up of Cabinet and Executive Members from the four boroughs.

The Joint Waste Committee is responsible for all of the key decisions.

The Joint Waste Committee meets on a regular basis and is responsible for all of the key decisions made on behalf of the Partnership.  Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings.  Minutes of previous meetings and details of future meetings can be viewed here.

Introducing Members of the Joint Waste Committee:

Councillor Nina DegradsDeputy Cabinet Member for Clean Green Croydon Croydon Council
Councillor Muhammad AliCabinet Member for Sustainable CroydonCroydon Council
Councillor Hilary GanderPortfolio Holder for Environment & Sustainable TransportKingston Council
Councillor Tim CobbettDeputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Communities and EngagementKingston Council
Councillor Natasha IronsCabinet Member for Local Environment and Green SpacesMerton Council
Councillor Tobin ByersCabinet Member for FinanceMerton Council
Councillor Ben AndrewVice-Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood CommitteeSutton Council
Councillor Manuel AbellanChair of the Environment & Neighbourhood CommitteeSutton Council