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Beddington Energy Recovery Facility (ERF)

In May 2009, the South London Waste Partnership embarked on a major procurement process to secure a contract for residual waste treatment.  This was the largest procurement project any of the Partner Boroughs had ever undertaken with a contract value running into hundreds of millions of pounds over the 25-year term of the contract.

In the future, all of our residual waste will require some form of treatment prior to disposal.

The procurement process came to a conclusion on Monday 5 November 2012 when the London Borough of Croydon, on behalf of the Partnership, signed a contract with Viridor.

Viridor are in the process of building a state-of-the-art Energy Recovery Facility on a plot of land just off Beddington Lane in the London Borough of Sutton.  The new facility is located right next to the existing 92-hectare landfill site, which it will replace once it becomes operational in 2018.  This landfill site is also operated by Viridor and is currently where the Partnership sends most of the residual waste collected from households in Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton.

The facility will treat hundreds of thousands of tonnes of residual household waste.  It will also take in some waste from local businesses.  The facility will use tried and tested methods to extract valuable electricity and, if viable, heat from the waste, instead of it being buried in landfill.

Once operational in 2018, The Beddington ERF will:

Viridor’s proposal has received the backing of Sutton Council’s Planning Authority and the Mayor of London.  The Environment Agency has granted Viridor an Environmental permit for the facility.  More information about the Beddington ERF is available on Viridor’s website: Beddington ERF

The contract

In the interests of transparency and public accountability, the contract with Viridor is available for members of the public to download and view. Only information that is of a commercially sensitive nature has been blacked out:

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