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Recycling and Composting

Even if you reduce and re-use as much as possible, it is inevitable that you will generate some waste.

The current focus of the Partnership is to minimise the amount of waste that is sent to landfill.

By recycling and composting as much of that waste as possible, you can dramatically reduce the impact it has on the environment and help your local council save money in waste treatment and disposal costs; which ultimately helps you council protect other vital services.

With the help and commitment of residents, the four Partner Boroughs that make up the South London Waste Partnership currently recycle just over 40 per cent of all household waste.  That is well above the London average of 33.3 per cent, and all four Partner Borough appear in the top 13 (out of 32) London boroughs for recycling performance.

But more needs to be done if we are to meet the challenging landfill reduction targets that have been set by central government.  Especially as recycling and composting rates in the area have dropped by one per cent over the latest three years (reflecting a national trend for stagnating or declining recycling rates).

With residents going to great efforts to sort their household waste for recycling and composting, it is essential that the four Partner Boroughs have access to efficient, local sorting and processing facilities.  The Partnership manages two key contracts to ensure that local recycling and composting facilities are able to meet the demand:

How can you help?

Details of local recycling services and facilities can be found by visiting: