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Statement: Permit variation application for the Beddington Energy Recovery Facility 

January 26, 2022

A statement from the South London Waste Partnership boroughs responding to news that Viridor is seeking permission from the Environment Agency to increase the amount of waste that can be treated at the Beddington Energy Recovery Facility. 

A spokesperson for the South London Waste Partnership said:

“Viridor (operator of the Beddington Energy Recovery Facility) has informed the South London Waste Partnership that it has made an application to the Environment Agency to vary the facility’s environmental permit. If approved by the Environment Agency, the amount of waste that can be treated at the facility would increase by 10%.

“The South London Waste Partnership boroughs are disappointed that Viridor is making this application just 12 months after the Environment Agency agreed to increase the maximum capacity of the facility by 15%. Whilst the Partnership recognises the need for additional energy from waste treatment capacity in London and the south east (significant volumes of non-recyclable waste continue to be landfilled or exported to energy from waste facilities in mainland Europe) we are concerned about the impact any increase in capacity at the Beddington facility would have on local traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.

“As a partnership we will want to fully understand the implications that this increase would have on traffic movements and emissions. We expect the Environment Agency to view this as a ‘Substantial Variation’ to the permit, which means there will be a period of consultation, most likely taking place in summer 2022. This will be an important opportunity for local residents and stakeholders to review the technical information that has been submitted by Viridor in support of the application, and share feedback with the Environment Agency directly, who will ultimately make the decision on whether to approve the application or not.”


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