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Plastic is fantastic!

Plastic is one of the most popular and useful materials of modern times. Its popularity is part of the problem: we now use about 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago.

The plastic problem

The real problem with plastic is how much of it is only used once before it’s thrown away. For example, it’s estimated that an average of 35.8 million plastic bottles are used EVERY DAY in the UK, but only 19.8 million are recycled. This means there are on average 16 million plastic bottles a day not making their way into the recycling bin. And that’s before we even start talking about plastic pots, tubs and trays and bags.

Plastic can take thousands of years to decompose. That’s why 79% of the plastic waste ever created across the world is still in the natural environment. We must act now if we are to stop our planet becoming a plastic planet.

The solution

We can all do our bit by reducing our reliance on plastic in the first place. Reusable shopping bags and drinks bottles are two very simple but very effective ways we can have less plastic in our lives. But some plastic waste is inevitable, so its really important that any plastic packaging we do create is given a second chance.

You’re lucky. You live in a borough* where you can recycle a wide range of plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays using your doorstep recycling collection service. It couldn’t be simpler. The good news is that more and more of us are recycling plastics. But we can all do more if we try.

Letting your plastics live on

What happens to your plastic recycling after it’s been collected from your home?

Thank you for helping us recycle more and waste less.

*The London boroughs of Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton all collect a wide range of plastics for recycling from homes, including bottles, tubs, pots and trays.